Hospital hygiene and infection control

Hospital hygiene related consultation and assistance of the Universitätsklinikum, including accompanying non-patient related hygiene-relevant microbiological diagnostics, are further responsibilities of the Microbiology Institute. In his accredited lab, Oberarzt Dr. med. Bernd Kunz analyzes over 18.000 samples for hygiene-relevant pathogens and consults the client according to the laboratory–analyzed findings.  Among the analyzed samples are, for example, water samples, contact or sedimentation plates, swab samples, samples from sterilization equipment, blood products and pharmaceutical preparations. Further services provided by the Division of Hygiene are inspections of the Universitätsklinikum according to infection control regulations defined by law or inspections with respect to hospital hygiene relevant questions during building measures as well as counseling by phone, training and regular briefings with hygiene specialists of the Universitätsklinikum. In addition, the Microbiology Institute organizes a meeting of the hygiene commission of the Universitätsklinikum twice a year.