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Research Groups

AG Prof. C. Bogdan 
Innate immunity and leishmaniasis

AG Dr. R. Gerlach
Pathogenicity of Salmonella and microbiome analyses

AG Prof. S. Krappmann 
Pathogenesis of fungal infections

AG Prof. R. Lang 
Balancing innate immune activation and deactivation

AG Prof. A. Lührmann 
Molecular pathogenesis of Coxiella burnetii infection

AG Prof. J. Mattner 
Microbial pathogenesis and genetic susceptibility in autoimmunity

AG Dr. M. Petter 
Molecular Biology of Malaria Parasites

AG PD Dr. U. Schleicher 
Innate immunity and leishmaniasis

AG Dr. K. Schober
Understanding & Engineering Human T Cell Immunity

AG Dr. C. Schwartz 
Innate checkpoints of T cell regulation

AG Dr. D. Soulat, Ph.D. 
Phosphatases as virulence factors of Listeria and Leishmania