Teaching, Training, Advanced Education


Head of Institute:
Prof. Dr. med. Christian Bogdan

Teaching, Training, Advanced Education

Our members of staff train and teach the subjects medical microbiology, immunology and infection biology, hygiene, microbiological diagnostics of infectious diseases and tropical medicine to approximately 800 students of medicine, dental medicine, molecular medicine, medicinal chemistry, biology and life sciences a year. Training takes place in the form of lectures, practical courses, seminars, laboratory traineeships as well as bachelor, master and PhD theses. For many years, the Microbiology Institute together with the Institute of Virology has hosted special medical education seminars on infectious diseases for local physicians and physicians of the Universitätsklinikum. Furthermore, our coworkers provide teaching and training services for the local public technical college (i.e. for medical assistants) as well as for the academy for health and care professionals.

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