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Patients and external inquiries

The institute runs the university´s outpatients’ clinic for vaccination and travel medicine with consultation hours taking place twice a week.

The hygiene laboratory is officially certified for the inspection of water samples according to the Trinkwasserverordnung (TVO) (i.e. testing for Legionella). Please contact the diagnostics office of the Microbiology Institute for sample taking services (Phone 09131-8532668).

Please note that an examination of patient specimen (i.e. urine, stool, serum, swabs) is only possible if the respective samples are sent to the Microbiology Institute by one of the health care units or ambulances of the Universitätsklinikum, or by an external hospital or medical practice (the latter is only possible for patients with private health insurance). The Microbiology Institute itself does not offer consultation on infectiological issues and questions.