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Diagnostic links

Diagnostic-links (Oktober 2009)

Look here for links to websites about microbiological and hygiene-relevant diagnostics as well as interesting webpages on infectious diseases and therapeutic measures. These links have been chosen with thorough consideration. However, the Microbiology Institute excludes liability for the contents of the linked webpages. Please inform us, if the links are no longer functional or are directed to pages with content different from what is written below.


Medical Microbiology 
Comprehensive textbook on Microbiology by S. Baron (Immunology, Bacteriology, Virology, Mycology, Parasitology, Infectious Diseases


Infektionsnetz Österreich
Infection network Austria
Webpage with comprehensive, well-structured information on infections, pathogens, anti-infective treatment and hygiene

Platform and information webpage of the European Union for the surveillance and control of communicable diseases

Among other things, information on infectious diseases (case definitions, guidelines for physicians etc.) and on infection prevention (Infection Protection Act (IfSG), hospital hygiene)

Cochrane Collaboration 
Evidence-based, up-to-date overview, guidelines and recommendations on various medical subjects


Guide to Bacteria associated with Infections in Humans 
Comprehensive list of bacterial pathogens with up-to-date taxonomy and valuable references


Atlas of Medical Parasitology 
comprehensive parasitological atlas with a lot of information and details

Immunization/ Prevention:

 LandesArbeitsgemeinschaft Impfen (LAGI)

Hospital Hygiene:

LandesArbeitsgemeinschaft MultiResistente Erreger (LARE)